Verb Definition
  • A verb:
  • is a word which refers to an action (do, eat, talk) or a state (be, like, own)
  • must be included in a complete sentence
  • is the main element of the predicate of a sentence
  • can be changed by:
  • aspect
  • tense
  • mood
  • voice
  • In order to to show agreement with the subject a verb can be changed by:
  • person
  • number
  • The form of a verb found in dictionaries is called the base form of verbs
  • A verb is one of the 8 parts of speech
Verb Types
  • auxiliary verb
  • modifies the meaning of another verb in a sentence
  • copula verb
  • connects the subject to the complement and describes the subject
  • ditransitive verb
  • takes both a direct object and an indirect object
  • dynamic verb
  • used in the progressive (continuous) aspect to indicate an unfinished action
  • finite verb
  • has a subject and shows tense, person, and number
  • gerund
  • acts as a noun by adding "ing" to the end
  • infinitive verb
  • occurs with "to" (except after an auxiliary verb or a modal verb)
  • intransitive verb
  • does not take an object
  • irregular verb
  • does not take "ed", "d", or "t" to form the simple past and past participle as do regular verbs
  • modal verb
  • used to express intention, necessity, obligation, offer, permission, possibility, prohibition, question, request, suggestion
  • phrasal verb
  • a combination of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or a verb with both an adverb and a preposition
  • regular verb
  • takes "ed", "d", or "t" to form the simple past and past participle
  • stative verb
  • describes a state or condition
  • transitive verb
  • takes an object

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