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Types of SentencesEdit

Sentences may be classified according to the purpose of the speaker or writer. The four principal purposes of a sentence are described below..

Declarative sentencesEdit

1. The declarative sentence is used to make a statement of fact, wish, intent, or feeling. 

ex. I have seen that movie twice. I wish I could go on the picnic.

Imperative SentencesEdit

2. The imperative sentence is used to state a command, request , or direction. The subject is always "You," even though it may not be expressed in the sentence. 

ex. (You) Be on time for dinner. (You) Open the window, please.

Interrogative SentencesEdit

3. The interrogative sentence is used to ask a question. It is followed by a question mark

ex. Do you have a sweater? Are you having a bad day? 

Exclamatory SentencesEdit

4. An exclamatory sentence is used to express strong feeling. It is followed by an exclamation mark

ex. Don’t burn yourself out! Keep out! He screamed, “Help!”