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Princess Sigrid and Leonidas.


Sigrid (sai-grid), or Princess Sigrid, is the daughter of Odin. She is the eldest daughter of Odin , the wife or Legolas , the mother of James and Sharon, and the great-great mother of Sigrid Jr. Alongside her sister Kalerotto  , she is easily the most prominent person, receiving more character development after every Kung-Fu fight. In her spare time she enjoys writing in her social networks such as twitter ,facebook , blogger , podcasts and tumblr.

She is a Saiyan Princess and a Jedi Knight . Sigrid has super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, the ability to fly, the ability of controlling her KI and the ability of controlling lighting. In her free time she is an English teacher and has a blog. 

She is a member of the superhero group the Avengers , even though she trains with Master Roshi

She studies and serve and use a mystical power called the Force, and their traditional weapon is the pink lightsaber, which emit a controlled plasma flow in the shape of a sword, in order to serve and protect the Planet Vegita.


Sigrid was once a young member of theSaiyan Army uder the supervision of her father Odin, but after her father death she rather fight alone. She worked alongside her sisterKalerotto , directly under Darth Maul. 
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Princess Sigrid and her sister Kalerotto

She has once won Miss Alpha 2009 and Miss Beta 2010. At 2011 Miss Gamma was a great challenge for Princess Sigrid because she was not in the game and did not have a lot of followers.