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Idioms are combinations of words or phrases that has figurative meaning and don’t have to be taken literally, we use them to express ourselves in a different and funny way.

Four idioms with its meaningEdit

1. Learn sth by heart - to memorize something.

2. Read sb like a book - to understand someone very well.

3. Learn one’s lesson - to suffer a bad experience and know not to do it again.

4. Live and learn - something that you say when you have just discovered something that you did not know.


1. Claire ''learnt'' the poem 'by heart' for the test.

2. After being married for twenty-five years, I can 'read' my husband 'like a book.

3. Tom was ill after eating too much. He won’t do it again, he 'learnt his lesson!

4. I didn’t know our teacher had eight children. Well, you 'live and learn!