Descriptive sentences are used to add more details to our sentences so that the readers can learn a little bit more about them. 

Levels for describingEdit

In order to describe or add more information to the sentences, we can use three levels of descriptions: words, phrases and clauses


There are words that can give more details to the sentences. This words can be principally adjectives and adverbs


The car is mine. (What car are we talking about?) The red sport car is mine. (We know now what car we are refering to.)

They went to the store. (How did they do it?) They quickly went to the store. (Now, we can figure the way they did it.)


Same as words, there are phrases we can use to give more information in a sentence.


The woman is having some trouble with her car. (What woman?) The woman in the red dress is having some toruble with her car. (As we can see, there are more details about the woman.)

We will answer an exam. (When will we do it?) We will answer an exam at the end of the class. (It is clearer when we will do it.)


We can also use clauses (ideas) to add more details to the sentence.


The dinosaur has green dots on all its body. (What dinosaur are we talking about?) The dinosaur that Sigrid bought for her room has green dots on its body.