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Why is this poor shark being bullied by that fish?

Javi Castle is a 23 year old guy that is studying a Bachelorship in Education. Teaching English is someting that has turned into one of the most important things in his life, and for that reason he is striving to become a great teacher.

But in his erly life uncommon things happened

A Titan BornsEdit

Sent as a baby to Earth from the dying planet Fhloston, Superbully (as the people called them) was found and raised by Jiraiya and Mei . Growing up as Bully kent, he dedicated his life to bully and annoy others with the abilities and super powers he developed by drinking a radioactive coke  . Moving to Pain City , he became SuperPainmaker, while still maintaining his secret identity as Bully Kent, who works at the  Pain City Library, and studies English teaching to bully as much people as possible.

Contributions by BullyEdit

Simple Past lesson

Present Continuous

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