The comma |Link 1 | Link 2Edit

♡ A comma can be used to separate two adjectives to replace the word ‘and’

e.g. I have a big, brown dog.

♡ A comma makes sentences that involve a group of 3+ words far easier to understand

e.g. I have a brother, sister, mother and father.

♡ Use a comma whenever someone is being addressed


e.g. You have a nice face, Areli Rodríguez.

♡ Use a comma whenever specific sentences should have an expression when spoken aloud

e.g. I am, if not mistaken, completely aware of the problem.

♡ Whenever someone has been identified and a description shortly follows, a comma should be used

e.g. Kanye West, who touched the sky, never lets anyone finish.

♡ Use the comma to separate two sentences

e.g. I try to sing, but I’m bad at it.

♡ If you’re including a short quotation, use a comma before or after

e.g. “Well,” I replied, “these guide examples are awful.”

♡ Separate a statement from a question with a comma

e.g. It’s not that far, is it?

The semicolon | Link 1Edit


♡ These can be used to connect ideas that are of the same similarity

e.g. Some people drink lemonade; others prefer Pepsi.

e.g. Despite this, both are popular products; as a result, they sell exceptionally well.

♡ People tend to use commas in replace of the semicolon, try avoid this by taking a look at the follow example

e.g. The fox is red; it is also agile.

e.g. I like the BBC: they give us drama, which is good; they give us suspense, which is also good; and they rip out or hearts, which isn’t good.

♡ However, we must be aware to not use the semicolon incorrectly in replace of a comma

e.g. The fox is red, but not old.

The colon | Link 1Edit

The colon should be used to introduce an idea

e.g. There is one thing you should be aware of: I’m awful with examples


Introduction of a list is a correct way of using the colon

e.g. The food contained my favourite spices: Ginger, Sporty and Posh

Whenever you are quoting someone, consider the colon

e.g. The blonde girl had a favourite quote: ‘I shall call him ’Squishy,’ and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.’

Adding emphasis with a colon isn’t necessary, but can be done

e.g. There is one thing I must not forget: food

The apostrophe | Link 1Edit


Use for contractions

e.g. They’re wrong

For possession

e.g. I have a girl’s coat

Only ever use an apostrophe for it’s when it is a contraction for it is

e.g. It’s snowing outside

For words that end in s and are possession consider the following example

e.g. I’m at Edna’s house